The Brace

  Where can we buy the brace?

As of now, you can buy the brace in one of two ways:

  • Ordering directly from the site
  • Directly from 38 bis avenue Jean Jaures, 31770 Tournefeuille. Please phone to make an appointment at +33 6 03 08 18 64 .

  Can the brace make the bump on the tuberosity less prominent?

In some cases, when the disease is treated relatively early in young sports people, the bump can disappear because of wearing the brace.

  How do we know where to position the brace?

The brace should be centered relative to the knee. The anterior tibial tuberosity should be positioned in the center of the brace.

  What are the benefits of the End-Osgood brace?

The brace provides compression to the patellar tendon, limiting the strain on the anterior tibial tuberosity.

·          The brace adapts perfectly, thanks to it being molded, to all shapes and sizes of knees

·          The brace helps spread the load carried by the anterior tibial tuberosity

·          The brace isolates the painful point

·          The brace protects against direct traumas (impacts, rubbing,…)


  Can this brace aggravate the disease?


In medicine, the positive effects of a treatment are sometimes received differently by different patients. However, in the case of this brace, we have seen that in 90% of the treated cases, the brace permanently healed the disease in 3 months. We have had two cases where the brace did not work. One child had to wear the brace longer during his sports activities and in the other case, more severe, an operation was needed.


  Is an operation recommended?


For all children under the age of 16 years old, an operation is not at all recommended.

  Must my child stop doing sports during the entirety of the treatment?

The procedure is as follows:

·         Stop sports for 1 month and wear the brace daily

·         In the 2nd month, start sporting activities again while wearing the brace

·         The brace should be removed when all the pain has completely disappeared

The clinical study showed that 90% of the children were able to remove their braces after about 3 months.

The human body reacts differently for each individual, so it is possible that the treatment could be prolonged.


It is very important to listen to the child’s opinion. If they have a difficult time to explain the level of pain they feel, use the EVA pain scale which is accessible from your Orthorepass account.


  What are the potential consequences if Osgood-Schlatter disease is not treated?

  • The anterior tibial tuberosity can become very large and interfere with the bending of the knee
  • Chronic pain can appear, sometimes debilitating
  • Calcification of the patellar tendon

In some cases, an operation is necessary and effective. In other cases, it is not effective and when the child becomes an adult they may have limitations in the sports that they can play.

Ordering and Shipping

  How do I cancel my order?

All orders that are being fulfilled, either fulfilled or shipped, cannot be cancelled. However, you have a 14 day window to return your order.

Orders should be returned to:


38 bis avenue Jean Jaures

31770 Tournefeuille

For all other status of your order, please send an email to while noting your contact information and your order number.

Reimbursements will be made within 10 days to your bank account.


  What types of payments are accepted?

Payment types accepted are:

  • Credit card (Carte Bleue CB)

Credit card payment is via the PayPal platform. Thus, if you choose this method of payment, you will be redirected to the PayPal platform.

A PayPal account is not needed to make a payment by credit card.

  • Check

Please make the check out to the order of: Orthorepass .

Please send the check to the following address:


38 bis avenue Jean Jaures

31770 Tournefeuille

  • PayPal

A PayPal account is necessary to use this type of payment. If you do not have an account, you can create one while you are in the ordering process.