Sorbothane – Heel pad

Sorbothane – Heel pad


Wearing Sorbothane® heels is recommended for recovery from Sever and/or Osgood Schlätter disease.

New generation Sorbothane® shock absorber
• 100% heel of Sorbothane® material
• Ultra fine: the heel is lodgeable in all shoes
• self-adhesive: does not slip in the shoe
• beveled (7.7mm to 2mm): more comfortable, avoids the effect of “stairs”
• Multipurpose
• Multi-sports
• Sensitive feet: Sorbothane® is a unique material as comfortable as flesh
• Provides very natural comfort
• Abrasion cover, more resistant, evacuates perspiration
Sorbothane® heel wear limits repetitive impact injuries, prevents muscle and joint pain, back pain, knees, fatigue fractures, tendinitis, periostitis, cervicalgia… Sorbothane® promotes relapse prevention and provides unparalleled comfort
• Use Sorbothane® heels to complement original cleanliness sole
• Hand wash with soapy water, allow to dry naturally

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